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About Us

About KEM

In keeping with our vision and ethos, KEM Hospital Pune, is committed to providing state-of-the-art medical care for patients across all socio-economic strata. Founded in 1912, KEMH Pune is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) run by the KEM Hospital Society, a registered charitable trust.

Over the years, the hospital has evolved from a 4 bed maternity hospital to a 550 bed multi-specialty healthcare institution. Much of the growth was spearheaded by the dynamic and visionary Dr. Banoo Coyaji, who was appointed as the Chief Medical Officer in 1944 and was awarded the Padma Bhushan and Magsaysay Awards. In addition to being a tertiary care teaching organisation that has all the important specialties, KEMH Pune, is attached to the B. J. Medical College, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) and the Sassoon General Hospitals Pune, for undergraduate and postgraduate training.

KEMH Pune boasts a number of firsts in the city of Pune that include a Nephrology Unit, a Critical Care Unit, complete diabetic care and comprehensive care for children with special needs under one roof.

The KEM Hospital Research Centre is a sister institution. From its inception in 1973, it has been involved with a number of seminal research projects and has undertaken studies in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the World Health Organisation (WHO), Population Council and other renowned international organisations.

Furthermore, KEMH Pune runs a Rural Health Centre and Hospital 40 km outside Pune in Vadu Budruk. In addition to curative medicine, there is substantial emphasis on preventative and social medicine as well as community development programmes.

KEMH Pune serves not only the population of the city of Pune, but also serves a large surrounding urban and rural area, making it one of the better known hospitals in Western India.



To be known as a multispecialty healthcare organization providing state of the art patient care facilities, while retaining its established reputation of caring for all sections of society – A Hospital with a Heart.


Mission Statement

At KEM we value human life and endeavour to provide good quality ethical medical care, without any discrimination and with compassion, dedication and a smile.
To continue building a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, technical and support staff and empowering them with on-going training.
To constantly upgrade and develop the range of its services, equipment and technology, besides providing educational opportunities to medical and paramedical professionals and students.

Our Journey


Established in 1912 as a small charitable maternity home on a piece of land donated by a prominent local citizen Sardar Moodliar, the KEM today is a 550 bedded hospital and is the second largest general hospital in Pune, largely due to the incredible vision of Dr. Banoo Coyaji and her dedicated team of doctors including Dr. Vasant Pai, Dr. P. K. Bharucha, Dr. K. J. Coyaji, Dr. Anand Bhatia, Dr. Anand Pandit, Dr. Madhav Kale and Dr. F. F. Wadia.


By 1942 almost 22.5% of all registered births in Pune city took place at the KEM with an average of 1,308 deliveries a year.


By 1944 the hospital had 40 women’s beds and several wards. Under the leadership of Dr. Banoo Coyaji, the Chief Medical Officer, the hospital embarked on a period of accelerated expansion with the aim of providing the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities to the community regardless of economic capacity.


The early 1970s saw the establishment of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a Dialysis Unit, both the first of their kind in the city. The then 2-bedded ICU has over the years grown into two Adult Units comprising of 45 beds. Separate Paediatric and Neonatal ICUs have been established some years ago. The Dialysis Unit pioneered Nephrology as a specialty in Pune and for several years was the only one serving the city and surrounding areas.


Set up in 1977 by Dr. Anand Pandit, the Paediatric Department has grown by leaps and bounds and boasts many specialties like Paediatric Gastroenterology, Paediatric Epilepsy, Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Hemato-Oncology and Paediatric Nephrology.The department has also been the pioneer in many research studies like liver disease, high-risk follow up, lifestyle disorders like obesity and many vaccine trials.


Dr. Banoo Coyaji’s behest, the hospital set up its Department of Medical Social Work, one of the earliest in Maharashtra, to look into the problems faced by patients and their families. The KEM was one of the first hospitals in Maharashtra where people with HIV were accepted and treated without any discrimination.The Medical Social Workers (MSWs) are a link between the patient, the hospital’s medical team and the community at large.


The Paediatric Department inaugurated the path-breaking TDH Centre with the aid of the Terre Des Hommes, Germany. This was the first such centre in Pune for the comprehensive diagnosis and therapy of children with all manner of physical and mental challenges.


Today, we are happy to say that the following projects have been completed and are on stream: Cardiac Center: Over 1000 angiographies and 100 Cardiac Surgeries were performed within the first year of operations. Nephrology Department: This renovated unit has nine hemodialysis stations and a Reverse Osmosis Plant functioning to EU standards of water purity. Emergency Service Department: This has been upgraded and besides the adult emergency services, a special separate pediatric section has been developed. Critical Care Unit: The ICU extension is fully equipped and a new ICCU and Neuro ICU has began working in September 2006. Neonatal ICU : It is now working at the full capacity of 40 beds. The tertiary level referral unit is amongst the best NICUs in


A century of commitment, hard work and vision has seen this four-bedded maternity dispensary grow into a thriving 550-bedded multi-specialty tertiary hospital, with rural community outreach. In 2012 alone the hospital saw over 100,000 patients in its OPD and had over 32,000 in-patient admissions. The hospital however, is not content to rest on past laurels and is constantly striving to achieve greater heights while remaining true to its vision of providing quality and ethics in patient care.

Many Firsts

  • FIRST multidisciplinary Non-Government hospital
  • FIRST to set up a rural hospital in 1978
  • FIRST renal unit to start dialysis facilities, now a reputed referral centre for dialysis and kidney transplantation
  • FIRST adult ICU started in the early seventies and the FIRST to be accredited by WINFOCUS as an international training unit for critical care ultrasound
  • FIRST comprehensive diabetes unit in western India, started in 1985
  • FIRST and largest NICU. Now a Level III Tertiary Care Centre
  • FIRST high risk obstetrics unit and obstetric ICU
  • FIRST centre for child development, started in 1978, the TDH-Morris Centre, is the only one to offer comprehensive services under one roof for children with special needs
  • FIRST universal screening and management program for detecting hearing impairment in newborns
  • FIRST and only hospital in Maharashtra to offer all the services needed for the hearing impaired and cochlear implants under the auspices of the Big Ears Project
  • FIRST paediatric surgery unit
  • FIRST paediatric emergency service
  • FIRST blood bank to start 100% voluntary donation movement * Component separation *   HIV testing * 100% leukoreduced blood components
  • FIRST installation in Maharashtra to have automated immunohematology system – Galileo (Immucor)
  • FIRST gynaecological laparoscopy
  • FIRST exchange transfusion


NABL Accredited

ISO 9001:2015

KEM Hospital Research Centre

In 1973, Dr. Banoo Coyaji  set up the KEM Hospital Research Centre, an NGO whose mission was to conduct problem oriented and problem solving research in subjects which affect the life of common people, with an emphasis on women and children.

The areas of research include Reproductive and Child Health (RCH), adolescent health, HIV, women’s development and various other clinical areas. There is a multi-disciplinary approach which leads to providing quality services at KEM Hospital and informing policy makers regarding evidence-based intervention.

For more information, please click here.

Rural Outreach

Dr. Banoo Coyaji always believed that medical science must benefit not just the urban population, but also the rural community. In the late 1960s, she realized the need to take quality medical care to rural areas and from this idea the Vadu Hospital was born. This hospital services 22 villages and a population of about 100,000. Today, the Vadu Hospital is a rural based first referral centre that provides medical and health services to an underprivileged rural population in the Shirur block of Pune. The hospital was built and equipped, thanks to the magnanimous help of the Shamdasani Foundation.

The hospital at Vadu conducts high quality studies with a mission to provide evidence based sustainable and rational health care solutions for rural populations, using globally relevant community based ethical research. Collaborators include the Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Virology, and eminent international organisations like the CDC Atlanta, Johns Hopkins Institute and Imperial College, London.

Watch a Short Film on Vadu:



PHFI Report on Vadu: http://research-sites.phfi.org/index.php/west/kem-vadu-maharashtra

KEM Hospital (Vadu) Website: http://www.kemhrcvadu.org/

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