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Critical Care Units

The critical care unit provides intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for patients who are in a critically ill or unstable condition.

The critical care unit began in the early 1970’s as a small 3 bed ICU (Intensive Care Unit), making it one of the oldest in Pune. It has now grown into a 106 bed unit, which includes a 25 bed ICU, 20 bed ICCU (Intensive Coronary Care Unit)/ Neuro ICU and 7 bed HDU (High Dependency Unit).

All types of complicated cases are treated, including: sepsis, post-operative complications, toxicology emergencies, cardiac complications, trauma, burns, tropical diseases (such as malaria, rickettsial fevers, leptospirosis, dengue, pneumonias and more).

KEM is authorised for the IDCCM/FICCM course (by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) from its unit and DNB Critical Care. In addition, regular training programmes are conducted for both the doctors and nurses.

A full range of invasive monitoring and ventilator support is available for the critically ill patient. Additionally, the critical care unit is supported by an active and dedicated MSW (Medical Social Worker) team, influencing the quality of critical care.

  • KEM Hospital is one of the few in the city to possess an ultramodern HFOV (High Frequency Oscillator Ventilator)
  • X-ray, dialysis, portable EEG’s and NCV’s available round-the-clock
  • A state-of-the-art R.O. plant provides high quality and safe dialysis facilities round-the-clock
  • USG facilities are also available round the clock
  • First centre in India, chosen to train for critical care ultrasound
  • Fully equipped isolation rooms treat severely infected/infectious patients