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Why Health Screening?

Preventative health check-ups are extremely important because they can reveal early risk factors for disease and can detect developing illness in their early stages, when you are not even showing any symptoms.

Please register for the health package at the reception of TDH Building, Ground Floor. We offer tailor-made health screening packages at discounted rates to suit your needs.

Health Packages

For More Information and Appointments

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• If you are visiting KEM for the first time, please register with us
• Book a prior appointment for your health screening package
• The entire check-up takes half-a-day
• Additional tests, procedures or consultations can be conducted on request, at an additional cost, with prior appointment or as per requirement
• Complimentary breakfast will be served after the fasting tests
• If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please inform us 24 hours in advance
• Rates are subject to change


Before the Test

• A minimum of 12 hours fasting is necessary prior to the tests
• Do not consume any food or alcohol and do not smoke for 12 hours before the check-up; you can only drink plain water
• Contact lenses should be removed before the tests; you may carry your spectacles with you
• Please consult your doctor on whether you should take your regular medicines before the tests
• Wear loose and comfortable clothing and avoid wearing jewelry during the check-up
• In case of Stress Test (TMT): wear sport shoes/ sneakers


Carry with You

• Your daily medications for blood pressure, diabetes etc., if any, and take them as per instructions of your doctor, after the fasting tests
• A list of medicines you take regularly
• Your previous medical records (ECG, Lab reports, doctor’s prescriptions etc.), if any
• A company authorisation/ confirmation letter and employee ID are required for corporate group clients


Caution for Women

• No X-rays to be done in case of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy
• Do not make any health screening appointments during your menstrual cycle