Blood Bank Technician

Blood Bank Technician

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Receive the donor, inform the Coordinator of donor arrival
    • Guide the donor to fill the consent form and get his/her signature on it in absence of Coordinator
    • Inform the B.T.O. / Staff Nurse / Tech. Supervisor / Sr. Technician of the donor arrival for pre-donation counseling and history taking
    • Perform Hb estimation test, this action in complementary to Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor
    • Inform B.T.O. / Staff Nurse for medical examination of the donor
    • Help the Staff Nurse to prepare empty blood bags for blood collection i.e. write date & time of collection, voluntary / replacement, enter bag number and segment number and type of blood bag on consent form and enter all the details in donor register
    • Inform B.T.O. / Staff Nurse / Technical Supervisor / Sr. Technician for phlebotomy
    • Collect CPDA & Plain sample of the donor blood unit and ensure that the attendant takes both the sample and blood unit to Serological Lab
    • Enter the donor’s details in the donor register and in the computer in absence of Clerk / coordinator / Staff Nurse.
    • Make donor certificate, guide the donor to the refreshment room, order refreshment and give it to the donor and ensure that donor is safe and band aid is applied in the absence of Coordinator / Clerk / Staff Nurse.
    • Perform cell and serum group preferably by tube method of the blood unit after peroperly labeling the test tube and entering the same in the ‘Donor Blood Group Register’  under the supervision of Sr. Tech / Tech. Supervisor and the signature of the same in the donor blood register.
    • Write the blood group of the donor on all primary as well as satellite bags.
    • Ensure that the blood unit is sent to component separation lab, plain sample is dent to TTD lab and CPD sample is kept in the respective blood group rack in the donor pre transfusion sample storage / refrigerator.
    • Assist the Tech. Supervisor in the work of Component separation e.g. write the product name, expiry and weight on the primary and secondary bags, manual entry of the products separated and details of the centrifugation in the Component Separation Register.
    • Prepare the donor’s plain sample for TTD centrifuging it.
    • Assist the Tech. Supervisor / Technician in properly transferring the blood component to respective storages as per blood group and testing status under strict guidance.
    • Send units meant for discarding to washing and sterilizing room under the supervision / guidance / of Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor / B.T.O. and enter the same in discarding register and take signature of both.
    • Affix caution label to all products meant for disposal with date, time and reason of disposal.
    • Discard CPD and / or plain tube with the product meant of disposal.
    • Update and manually write the stock of blood and blood components with respect to issue units removal out of the stock, entry of new blood units in the stock, give the data of the stock to the Clerk / Coordinator to update it on Internet Site of SBTC.
    • Add CPD sample tube of new donor to group wise rack as per blood group and transfer the CPDA  sample of issued units from group wise rack to date wise rack as per blood groups on daily basis under the guidance and vigilance of Sr. Technician / Tech. Supervisor / B.T.O. and discard the CPDA tubes after 8 days of issued of blood units or at expiry of the unit whichever is earlier. Some is applied to cross match gel cards and segments of blood bags.
    • Correctly identify blood unit to be cross matched to the patient on advice of Sr. Technician / Tech. Supervisor.
    • Take the red cells from CPDA sample of that blood unit for cross match. Place the CPDA sample in its proper place. Perform cross match under strict observation of Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor. Enter the results and other details in cross match register and take signature of Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor.
    • Taking phone calls from wards. Giving correct information about the enquiry after proper identification of caller and confirming the information from the concerned register / Sr. Technician.
    • Correctly taking information of the name of the caller, his/her designation, wards etc. and noting the same in the respective document / register e.g. If caller wants to extend the reservation of the blood unit for more than 24 hours for his patient, note the name of the patient in stock register and date of extension.
    • If caller has specific requirement, note it on patients requisition form etc.
    • Before giving any information about patients test results ensure the registration number of the patient. Don’t tell on the basis of name only.
    • Receiving the requisition form and sample from Wards / OPD. Ensuring that only forms with complete information which correctly matches  with information on the sample are accepted. Reject incomplete forms and mismatched samples.
    • Perform the cell and serum group of patient and enter it in patient’s Blood Group Register with other details of the patient and take signature of Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor.
    • For patient less than 4 months age:  
      • No need of serum group of the patients.
      • Mother’s sample should preferably follow patient’s sample for blood grouping and cross matching.
      • If mother’s sample not available then perform DCT on patient’s sample and record the same in patient’s blood group register and cross match register.
    • Very important to bring it to notice of Technical Supervisor and B.T.O. if there is discrepancy in grouping and cross matching.
    • Perform DCT/ICT/BLOOD GROUP/VDRL/MALARIA PARASITE under guidance and strict vigilance of Sr. Tech/ Tech Supervisor.
    • To bring the blood unit meant for issue after correct identification of the unit with the patient from the respective storage to the issue counter, cut the segment of the red cell products and perform slide blood group of red cell product before issue and check that the blood group of the patient matches with the donor, cross match results are compatible, T.T.D. test results are negative in respective register with the help of B.T.O. / Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor.
    • Prepare labels to be affixed on blood units to be issued as per component type and blood group with patient’s details for whom the unit is meant to be transfused.
    • Generate the cross match report and issue receipt to be issued with blood unit in absence of clerk.
      • Giving transfusion reaction, form to the wards in case of transfusion reaction.
      • Receiving the blood unit that has caused transfusion reaction alongwith
        • the form completely filled
        • post transfusion patient’s blood sample
        • post transfusion patient’s first void urine sample
    • Process the sample as per the guidelines of S.O.P. under strict vigilance and guidance of Sr. Tech. / Tech. Supervisor.
    • Send the same to Microbiology Lab for culture.
    • All relevant activities perform by the Jr. Tech / Trainee Tech / Tech Asst has to be entered into the computer by themselves or by the Clerk.
    • When in doubt about any work activity consult B.T.O. Tech Supervisor, Sr. Technician.
    • To attend the blood donation camps as per requirement of Blood Bank.
    • To complete the Blood Donation Camp work in stipulated working hours or may be in extra hours, which includes grouping, component separation, TTI testing, bag labeling and storage in appropriate storage cabinets.

Skills and Qualifications

    Qualification Requirement:

    1. 12th + DMLT

    2. B.Sc. (MLT)

    3. B.Sc. + DMLT

    4. Having an FDA approval will be an added advantage

    5. Qualifications need to be from a recognised university

    Skillsets Needed:

    Communication skills, Team Work, Attention to detail, Documentation and Record Keeping, Analytical skills, Time Management, Knowledge of MS-Office