Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse

Roles and Responsibilities

    Patient Care Responsibilities:


    • Receive the patient in the patient care area
    • Room orientation
    • Plan and provide nursing care to patients
    • Complete the initial nursing assessment (including recording vitals like temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, saturation) and all emergency orders as given by the doctor
    • Settle patient
    • Educate the patient and relatives on all relevant rules and regulations of ward and hospital and answer queries as per protocol
    • The GNM will administer all oral and injectable medications including securing IV lines for IV fluids as per the treatment orders
    • Indent medicines
    • To obtain blood samples for investigations. She/he will be also responsible to send all other investigations advised by the treating doctor
    • To use the glucometer for monitoring bedside blood sugar levels
    • To prepare trays for any procedure and assist the doctors in the same
    • To attend to all patients complaints & direct them to concerned authority for solution
    • To perform all the basic nursing procedures following patient care activities like sponging, steam, nebulization, head bath, nail cutting, hair combing, back care, mouth wash, change of position, dressings etc.
    • Be responsible for safe transfers to / from various patient care areas
    • Be responsible for patient safety, especially the vulnerable patients
    • Taking consultant rounds
    • Check the articles in the ward before starting shift and maintain a register and take Incharge’s signature
    • Carry out documentation in each file
    • Procedure entries to be made in computer

    Ward Duties:


    • To ensure that the ward is clean and tidy
    • Manage the nursing station and supervise juniors and housekeeping staff
    • Maintaining registers for all records such as admission, investigations, discharge, files sent for billing & record room, Quality Indicators etc.
    • To see reference & send calls
    • Linen Management
    • Managing the Drug cupboards, stock checking, checking crash cart
    • Supervision of Biomedical waste
    • Ensuring the working of all types of equipment by liaison with the biomedical and Maintenance department for repairs, AMC, Calibration etc.
    • Helping with monthly total patient data

Skills and Qualifications

    Qualifications Required:

    1. GNM

    2. B.Sc. (Nursing)

    Skillsets Needed:

    • Technically sound-Knowledge of Basic & Advanced Nursing Procedures
    • Communication Skills – Verbal & Written
    • Coordination
    • Listening skills
    • Documentation & Record Keeping