Dr. Banoo Coyaji

Former Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Kurus Coyaji

Medical Director

Serving the healthcare needs of people in the Pune District of Maharashtra State in India since 1912, KEM Hospital, Pune, has grown to be one of the largest Non-Government Organization (NGO) hospitals in the region. KEM Hospital is run by the KEM Hospital Society, a registered charitable trust.

What began with 4 maternity beds, is now a 550+ bedded multi-specialty tertiary level teaching institution. Much of the growth was spearheaded by the dynamic and visionary Dr. Banoo Coyaji, who was appointed as the Chief Medical Officer in 1944 and was awarded the Padma Bhushan and Magsaysay Awards. The hospital is particularly known for some of its Centres of Excellence– many of which were the first of their kind in Pune and the surrounding region. These include Critical Care, Diabetology, Nephrology and Dialysis, High Risk Obstetrics, Neonatology and a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs.

The KEM Hospital Research Centre is a sister institution. From its inception in 1973, it has been involved with a number of seminal research projects and has undertaken studies in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the World Health Organisation (WHO), Population Council and other renowned international organisations.

In 1978, KEM Hospital set up a Rural Health Centre and Hospital 40 km outside Pune in Vadu Budruk. In addition to curative medicine, there is substantial emphasis on preventative and social medicine as well as community development programmes.

KEMH Pune is a tertiary level hospital that serves not only the population of the city of Pune, but also caters to patients from surrounding regions referred to us for our quality yet affordable healthcare services. In keeping with our vision and ethos, KEM Hospital Pune, is committed to providing state-of-the art medical care for patients across all socio-economic strata.

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To be known as a multispecialty healthcare organization providing state of the art patient care facilities, while retaining its established reputation of caring for all sections of society - A Hospital with a Heart.

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At KEM we value human life and endeavour to provide good quality ethical medical care, without any discrimination and with compassion, dedication and a smile. To continue building a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, technical and support staff and empowering them with on-going training. To constantly upgrade and develop the range of its services, equipment and technology, besides providing educational opportunities to medical and paramedical professionals and students.

Our Management Team

Dr. Kurus Coyaji

Medical Director

Dr. Xerxes Coyaji

Dy. Medical Director

Dr. Vishwanath Yemul

Medical Administrator

Shirin Wadia

General Administrator

Dr. Madhur Rao

Sr. Dy. Medical Administrator

Dr. Tehnaz Chothia

Asst. Medical Administrator

Dr. Poonam Deshmukh

Asst. Medical Administrator

Veena Rane

Asst. Medical Administrator

Rakesh Moondra

GM Finance

Subhash Shinde

Personnel Manager 

Vijay Yadav

PR Officer

Ananya Biswas

Asst. General Administrator

Chetan Mal

Manager - Facilities & Projects

Manoj Markale

Asst. PR Officer