The Department of Anaesthesiology is affiliated with the practice of medicine dedicated to the complete care of the patient before, during, and after surgery. We specialise in intensive care and are a major contributor to respiratory care and pain management. Our consultants and trainees are trained in super specialty surgical and Anaesthesiology procedures and are up-to-date with international standards, backed with constant technological support and upgradation of professional skills. Our department is also equipped with the latest equipment and harbours a special clinic called, ‘The Pain Clinic’ dedicated specially to anaesthetic services.

Services include :

General Anaesthesia

Regional Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia for surgeries

Post-operative Analgesia services

Labour Analgesia

Chronic pain relief

On-arrival nerve blocks in Emergency Medicine Department

Cath lab Anaesthesia services

Anaesthesia for endoscopic procedures

Anaesthesia to Critical Care Unit

Anaesthesia to Emergency Medicine Department

Special Clinics and Camps

  • Pain Clinic
  • CPR Symposium/Workshops fortnightly on Saturdays
  • CPR Camps conducted for schools and general public



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