The Diabetes Unit at KEM Hospital provides comprehensive diabetes care to treat, prevent and educate patients on living healthy lives with diabetes.

We empower our patients’ and their families, to be an active participant in their daily care and equip them to make informed decisions. Patient education is our strength and the underlying theme of education is control of blood glucose and other risk factors to prevent complications of diabetes.

Special Clinics and Camps

Foot Clinic

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of amputation of the legs worldwide. The primary goal of our Foot Clinic is to prevent and reduce the rate of foot amputations in people with diabetes. Every new patient is screened, to rule out the possibility of nerve damage and circulation damage (vascular disease). Specialized tests include nerve testing by biothesiometry, Doppler test for circulation, Harris foot mat for foot pressure study and others.

We provide specialized care for patients with foot ulcers (secondary prevention), infections and problems with nerve and circulation damage through advanced technology including VAC therapy, ultrasonic debridement and surgical debridement.

Services Include:

  • Corn/Callus paring
  • Nail paring
  • Freshening of cracks
  • Draining superficial abscess   
  • Debridement
  • Advanced wound dressings
  • Deroofing of blisters
  • Plaster application


Type 1 Diabetes Clinic

A specialized clinic for Type 1 diabetic patients was created in 1995. Over 900 Type-1 patients have been registered in our clinic in last 20 years, 15% of which are diagnosed before the age of 5 years. On an average 30 new patients are added every year. Majority of the patients in our clinic are poor. We provide consultation and health education at nominal costs or free whenever necessary. We supply free insulin to poor patients and subsidised blood tests for several patients.

We provide educational guidance, vocational training guidance, marriage counselling and pregnancy counselling to children with type 1 diabetes. A major part of our activities are directed towards psychological and social rehabilitation of the patients and their families. We conduct outdoor camps, get-togethers, parent meetings, competitions and trips as part of our clinic activities.

Additionally, we raise funds for needy patients from philanthropic donors and pharma companies.

Our doctors and certified pump trainers have recently initiated an Insulin Pump Clinic, which offers detailed training on insulin pump for management of diabetes.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic

Our clinic provides specialized and personalized care for pregnant women with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. Our goal is to help pregnant women with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels and lower the risk of diabetes related complications, both for the mother and the baby. In last 25 years, we have treated over 1000 diabetic pregnancies.

A diabetologist offers medical advice while our expert dieticians and educators offer extensive guidance on lifestyle management (diet and physical activity) and home monitoring of blood glucose. We also offer training on insulin pump for the blood sugar management of these women.

A weekly follow up is conducted where medical and nutritional management is reviewed. We coordinate with the obstetrician and offer assistance for blood sugar management during delivery. Additionally, we conduct post-delivery follow-up to reassess their diabetes status due to the high risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Clinical Trials

The unit has been conducting clinical trials since 1999 and contributing to medical science to find better ways to treat various diseases. Over years we have participated in over 50 clinical trials of antidiabetic medication and devices. 

View more details and list of clinical trials conducted so far
View more details and other research studies conducted in the unit

Our Doctors

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